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Confined Space Trained Rocker Hard Hat Decals
Part# HH-0330
Size 3" x 6.875" (H x W)
Color Black
Package 1 Decal
Material Spot-a-Hat™ Reflective Hard Hat & Helmet Labels - Conformable - Spot Colors [BZ-HEGR]
Printing Digital

Confined Space Trained - Reflective Hard Hat Rocker, 3" x 6.875" 

Package : 1 Decal • Price per Decal
Minimum Qty. 1 • Order in Multiples of 1 Decal
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Product Description

• Rocker decals can be used on either fire fighter helmets or on hard hats.

• Reflective Spot-a-Hat™ material is great for emergency and nighttime viewing. Decals are conformable and can be applied without wrinkling.

• Rocker decals are generally applied to both side of the hat or helmet. That way you quickly see the worker’s title – from both sides. We sell the rocker labels as individual decals. Order two if you want to apply these to both sides of your hat or helmet.

Material Features
Material: Spot-a-Hat™ Reflective Hard Hat & Helmet Labels - Conformable - Spot Colors [BZ-HEGR]

• Spot these labels with a flashlight or headlight - great for emergencies, blackouts, low light areas or work outside in the evening.

• Spot-a-Hat™ labels use a conformable and premium version of 3M's Scotchlite material that is designed specifically for application to curved and irregular surfaces. Patented reflective film has variegated liner to enhance bubble-free application and easy repositioning. Unlike other Scotchlite films, this material is not brittle and conforms far more easily to the ribbing and contours of your helmet or hat.

• High performance adhesive sticks well to hard hat or helmet surfaces - yet can be removed cleanly, if you want. Labels last for years.

• Spot-a-Hat™ reflective vinyl has a silvery color (although other colors are available upon special request). Labels are printed digitally with a spot color printing process. This is recommended for logos with no more than 3-4 flat, basic colors.

• Reflectivity is a great safety feature. Label material is also used by firefighters for their trucks and helmets. Spot-a-Hat™ labels are reflective in both wet or dry conditions.

• Spot-a-Hat™ labels offer superior outdoor durability (5+ years).

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