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Emergency Medical Information Hard Hat Label: YouMatterâ„¢ Safety Information Label, Inside Hard Hat (HH-0198) Learn More...

Product Description

Write on this label with a permanent pen. Record essential medical contact information. Choose between self-lamination or regular vinyl labels.

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  • 1.25" x 6"
  • YouMatter Self-Laminating Safety Label
  • Self-Laminating Hard Hat Labels
  • YouMatter Vinyl Safety Label
  • Vinyl Hard Hat Labels
Self-Laminating Hard Hat Labels
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  • Write on these labels with a marker or pen.
  • Once you have completed the emergency information and contact details, seal in your label using the built-in clear laminating flap. Your message is protected from abrasion, grease, and chemicals.
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Size:1.25" x 6"
Material: Self-Laminating Hard Hat Labels
5 Labels/Pack
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