Custom Hard Hats - Direct Print or Custom Sticker?

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When should I order custom hard hats with a printed logo versus order custom stickers? Obviously, when you order a custom logo directly printed on a hard hat, you will need to order new hard hats. Although this is a significant investment, you can have your logo printed in one or two colors using pad printing and the results are professional.
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But, in most situations, this is not practical. A hard hat can show more than just a logo. Look over the following table that compares the advantages of each approach:
  Print Directly on Hard Hat Custom Label for Hard Hat
When to Use For Logos. Logos and much more!
Cost $5 to $13/hat + $40 setup + logo clean up charges. 17¢ to $2.00/hat (no setup and no extra charges to clean up your logo or artwork).
2-4 Color Printing Each color costs much more. No extra charge.
Use on Dark Hard Hats Much more costly (often not encouraged). Yes!
Reflective No Yes!
Minimum Order Typically 25 hats. Order just one named sticker!
Delivery Typically 2-3 weeks. 1-2 days.
Must Buy New Hard Hats Must order a new hard hat. Add stickers to any hard hat.
Removable No Yes
Whether you are at a construction site, a plant or rushing to an emergency, your hard hat represents your entry pass and, in a sense, your individual and team identity. Show off more than just a logo on your hard hat or sticker. The potential is much greater. Order Rocker labels with titles for the sides of your hard hat. Reward years of accident free work with an Award Sticker. Authenticate qualified forklift, crane or scaffold workers with Certification Stickers. Quickly find trained CPR or First Aid technicians with distinctive decals.
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No, a hard hat should not become a billboard. On the other hand, a hard hat can show more than just a logo! Stickers provide instant and colorful way to organize, motivate and identify your team.
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Certificate stickers for hard hats
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