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Retro-Reflective Hard Hat Label, 2" Circle: Fluorescent Lime Yellow Retro-Reflective Hard Hat Label (HH-0597) Learn More...

Part# HH-0597
Color Fluorescent Lime Yellow
Shape Circle

Product Description

Blank Fluorescent Lime Yellow Retro-Reflective Circular Decal makes a worker's hard hat extra visible in dark and dim light conditions. Labels offer superior reflective angularity.

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  • 2" x 2"
  • Reflective Helmet Strips
  • SmartSign ShineStrips™ for Helmets
SmartSign ShineStrips™ for Helmets
Oct 19
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  • SmartSign labels are brilliantly reflective by night and many products are also fluorescent for enhanced visibility by day. They retroreflect in both wet or dry conditions - great for bad weather, fire and sprinkler emergencies and outdoor use.
  • Clean dirt, soot, and smoke stains from these Reflexite labels using non-abrasive soap and water. Restore the reflectivity and fluorescence of the labels.
  • Aggressive adhesive sticks well to helmets or hard hats.
  • Reflective strips are made from prismatic Reflexite material and offer superior reflective angularity.
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Size:2" x 2"
Material:SmartSign ShineStrips™ for Helmets
10 Labels/Pack
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