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Retro-Reflective Hard Hat Label, 2" Circle: First Responder (with Medical Symbol) (HH-0581) Learn More...

Part# HH-0581
Colors Blue and Red
Shape Circle

Product Description

Bold, reflective stickers save precious time when it matters the most. Unique decals are great for hard hats, equipment, and more, so you can find what you need, day or night.

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    Feb 27
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    • SmartSign labels are brilliantly reflective by night and many products are also fluorescent for enhanced visibility by day. They retroreflect in both wet or dry conditions - great for bad weather, fire and sprinkler emergencies and outdoor use.
    • Clean dirt, soot, and smoke stains from these Reflexite labels using non-abrasive soap and water. Restore the reflectivity and fluorescence of the labels.
    • Aggressive adhesive sticks well to helmets or hard hats.
    • Reflective strips are made from prismatic Reflexite material and offer superior reflective angularity.
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