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Hard Hat Stickers in Special Shapes

  • Special shapes for hard hat stickers
Order a hard hat sticker in any shape! You labels can have a distinctive shape. We will cut out the label to just your specfications. Trace the outside of your logo or create a shape that follows the contour of an animal or, even, your state.
  • • Order either HatHugger material from 3M or our Spot-a-Hat reflective decals.
  • • HatHuggers can be printed in full color, with photographic detail.
  • • Reflective Spot-a-Hat decals can only be printed in spot colors.

Custom Cut Hard Hat Stickers (Choose the General Size)

What is the maximum outside dimension for your stickers? Most hard hats accommodate a sticker that is 2” or smaller. Larger 3” stickers, while giving you the maximum display space for your logo or message, often run into the ribs or creases of a hard hat. Both sizes are popular. Once you have selected the general outside shape, you can then upload your design. We will send you a free proof – including the detailed outside cut lines. Most proofs are done overnight.