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Oval Shaped Custom Hard Hat Stickers

Attractive oval stickers are great for your company’s logo. Upload your own art. And, if you want, our team of artists will create a sized and professional proof for free and not obligation. Most proofs are completed overnight.
  • • HatHugger® materials are designed for compound curves. These wrinkle-free labels show off your graphics well. Don’t compromise with lower cost alternatives.
  • • Each sticker can also be numbered. This is ideal for safety training accountability.
Special Shapes
Order either HatHugger material from 3M or our Spot-a-Hat reflective decals.

Pick the Shape and Size for Your Oval Design

Stickers can be printed in any color. Full color digital presses mean that your logo, photo or detailed graphics will be reproduced faithfully.

Other Shapes for Custom Hard Hat Stickers