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Hard Hat Decals: Authorized Forklift Lift (Write-On Issued By and Expiration Date) (HH-0471) Learn More...

Part# HH-0471
Color Green
Shape Square

Product Description

Authorized Aerial Lift Hard Hat Sticker makes sure the certification can be seen by everyone. It's easy to write on important details like issuing person and expiration date on the vinyl adhesive sticker.

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  • 2" x 2"
  • HatHugger Decals (Conformable)
  • 3M Wrinkle Proof Vinyl
3M Wrinkle Proof Vinyl
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Should last 3+ years outside. Can conform to a curved surface. Jun 9
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  • 3 mil vinyl conforms to curved surfaces.
  • Useful for hard hats, since label removes easily.
  • Digitally printed in full color.
  • Suited for outdoors.
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Size:2" x "2"
Material:3M Wrinkle Proof Vinyl
5 Decals/Pack
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