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Made in USA Labels (52072)

Made in USA Labels
Show off your American products with Made in the USA Labels. A variety of graphics in red, white, and blue showcase domestic materials and production.
  • • Paper labels are available on rolls, with a peel-off liner for quick application.
  • • Widely used in shipping, our premium quality stickers are highly durable and resistant to weather, abrasions, and temperature.
  • • Also, our handy Grab-a-Label dispenser box helps you label your products with ease and pride.

Made In USA Labels {67137}

Made in the USA Label
As low as 4¢ / label
3" x 4.5" (h x w)
Made in America Label
As low as 2¢ / label
2" x 3.5" (h x w)
Made In America Flag Label
As low as 2¢ / label
1" x 3" (h x w)
Made In USA Flag Label Dispenser Box
As low as 2¢ / label
2" x 2" (h x w)
Made In USA Flag Labels in Dispenser
As low as 1¢ / label
1" x 1" (h x w)